For Trans Women: How to Find the Suitable Partner


For every trans hookup finder, she wants to find her ideal transgender dating partner in a short time. The time is precious and no one wants to waste time in the wrong person. However, the situation of searching for a lgbt dating partner as a trans woman is a little bit complicated. As you know, finding a dating partner won’t consume much of your time by employing a multitude of dating sites, yet finding a perfect lgbt dating partner that suits you is a long march. Especially for a newly comer in the ts dating world, it is hard and nearly impossible for them to gauge if the one is the right person.

Honestly, I have dwelled in one of lgbt dating sites for a long time. My purpose is clearly that I want to look for a dating partner who loves me unconditionally and his values are accordant with mine. Thus, I date different men each day. From my multiple experiences, I have concluded several ways to gauge if he is your Mr. Right.

Get information from his profiles

Don’t look down upon these profiles. It is not only a requirement from the kinky dating sites, but it is an important channel through which you can know the basic information on your potential trans hookup partner. In terms of the appearance, you can look through his height, body type, eye color, hair color and so on. You can filter these members who can meet your requirements on appearance. In addition, you can also know his education degree directly from his profile. And the self-description can reflect his personality to some extent. Above all, generally speaking, a self-description includes his hobbies and lifestyle. By which, you can imagine if you can adapt to his life if he enjoys the time at home or he prefers exploring the outside world. What’s more, reading his words, you can deduce whether he is humor or serious.

Pay attention to your conversation

If your conversation begins, it is a precious chance for you to gauge if he is the right person. For the first of all, if he keeps questioning about your personal information and leaves you little space to ask his questions, then he is an arrogant guy who will play the predominant role in your future relationship and rarely consider your emotions. Secondly, if he invites you to make an offline date with him only after a few conversations, then he is casual in a relationship and he is likely to not take you seriously. If he is looking for a serious and sincere relationship, he won’t invite you out until you have a relatively comprehensive knowledge of each other. Thirdly, if he always expands the topic around your transition, then this type of people should be put into your blacklist. If he respects you or he is a gentle man, this kind of topic will not appear in your conversation.

These are the useful ways you can use before you make an offline date. And if the person you encounter has done such things mentioned above, then you should be cautious and think twice before you go further with him.