Why am I attracted towards trans women? I am a straight guy?

 Why not?

If you are man and you date with hot trans womenm, you are straight. I am a trans woman I also know some guys from online trans dating sites. Some of them are considerate but some of them are not. If I meet rude people, I will directly say goodbye. Mostr straight guys want to date with trans women because they are curious about us. They want to know our change and our thoughts. For me, being a trans woman is a great idea but I still pay for it. So many men ask me out for casual dating not for serious relationship Of course, I also know some guys who want to be my real boyfriend. Sometimes, I just need to find people who respect and understand our trans singles, which is not easy.

If possible, I want to find serious lover here. I am not sure when it will come.

I love pink: 

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