Transsexual Dating: Common Mistakes that guys do with Transsexual Women

Transsexual Dating is quite very rare and not everyone’s cup of tea. Men who want to experience transsexual dating is always full of fantasy and really want explore their sex practices by all possible sources and options that they currently have. They don’t feel shy or won’t be ashamed of to trying new ideas and tricks to excite up their sexual life. However few of them are quite new and trying first time in their life. Dating with a transsexual woman is also one of the fantasies for most of the men that they want to fulfill in their life. But most of them are quite new and never date any transsexual woman in their life. But still they are looking forward to date and pick a transsexual woman for personal pleasure or satisfaction instead of understanding the concept of transsexual dating and transsexual woman. Due to lack of knowledge, they make common mistakes while going out for a date with a trans woman and results that they won’t enjoy their date completely or their transsexual date won’t show much interest in them anymore. However, it’s happens when you are going out for a date for a first time and surely you don’t know anything about transsexual dating or transsexual women. And off course there are very few cases that you can get experience or get tips for transsexual date with a t-woman.

If you really want to make your first transgender date a big success, than sure you need to know few things and must avoid these few but common mistakes in between your date. Here are those common mistakes that you must avoid.

Don’t think that you are doing favor by dating any transsexual woman

Never bring the attitude in you that are doing any favor on them by dating with a transsexual woman. Go out and see world is full of cis genders but you can rarely found transsexuals. So, by dating with you she is favoring on you and it’s not you. She can find any cis gender anytime who really love to date with them but you are not able to find a transsexual date so easily and you have to put certain efforts to find another transsexual date for you. So, don’t be act as over smart and behave politely and gently when you are on a date with a transsexual woman.

Don’t assume anything that they will do the same, what you saw in porn movies

porn movies are basically not meant for personal pleasure but for entertainment and you are not making porn with your transsexual partner. Stop assuming anything that you ever saw in any porn movies.

Give time to develop a relationship

Test your patience here; never be in hurry when you are in your first date. Give some time for yourself to develop relationship between you too. Never force her or ask for sex favors right in your first date. After all, she is a woman and is full of emotions.

Follow these tips, avoid these common mistakes and I am sure, you will definitely going to enjoy your transsexual date.

What are Transsexuals and Transgender? Are Transgender and Cross-dressers are same?

Transsexuals, transgender and crossdressers, these are the terms that create confusion to everyone. Many people won’t understand exactly what they are and treat them same but each term has its own usual meaning and definitely describes different community. The only thing is common between Transsexuals and transgender is word ‘Trans’ and nothing else. There are many things that you need to know before describing these terms to anyone. You must know yourself what are these terms and why they are different from one another. Here in this article, you came to know the meaning of each term with clean and clear definition, so that you can completely understand these term and can able to describe these to others also.


We can describe these terms by simple one example. Each and every human is born with one sexual identity and that is either male or female. But born with one sexual identity and later change to opposite sexual identity via surgery is known as transsexual. Transsexual is a combination of two words – Trans and sex. Trans means transform or change and here, sex isn’t related to any intercourse. Sex describes your sexual identity either male or female. Transsexual means – a person who is born with one sex either male or female and later change to its opposite sex. For example – if anyone born as a male and later change or Trans to different sex and change its identity to female sex after surgery. That’s a complete case of transsexual.

What are Transgender and why they are different from transsexual and cross-dressers – Transgender don’t change their sex or never undergo with any surgery or anything but they behave like opposite gender and also wears the cloth of opposite sex. For example, there’s a man who dresses like a woman and roam in all public areas with the same female outfits. Transgender won’t change their genitals to opposite sex. They remain the same as they are by birth but wear the outfits of different sex. Being transgender is also considered as some mental illness or anything related to mental health. Transgender are basically body of different gender and a mind of opposite sex.

Few people think that transgender are gay or lesbian but this is not quite correct. They like to date with opposite gender unlike gay and lesbian who like to date with the same gender.


First of all, cross-dressers and transgender are not same but cross-dressers behave like a transgender when they are cross-dressers.

Cross-dressers are never related to any community they can be anyone, gay, lesbian, transsexual or transgender. Cross-dressers too were the outfits of different sex like a transsexual but they do this occasionally and not on regular basis but transgender do this on regular basis, in-fact they love to wear the clothes of opposite sex all the time even in public places, grocery store or work place also. But cross-dressers do this only on special occasions like – they are playing a role in play or want to gain a new experience in their sexual life.

They are just like other cis genders when they are not playing a cross-dressers.

How to Find True Love As A MTF Transgender Woman?

Being trans person is challenging and hard, but finding true love is harder than that. For every person created, their partner is somewhere in the world waiting to give them the love and acceptance they deserve.

As an MTF transgender woman, the first step is to find love, which is also a manifestation of your love for yourself. As a matter of fact, this is also one of the cornerstones of every healthy and successful relationship. Acceptance and self-love and allow you to love without being dependent, clingy, and obedien. After all, confidence is a charm that makes you more attractive.

The second step in finding true love is to determine what you are looking for in your partner. Some people prefer a partner who is spontaneous, while others want more ambition in their partner. That is to say, everyone has everyone's preferences, and you need to understand what your preferences are. Besides, you should know exactly what type of person you are attracted to. Do you like FTM transgender guys or straight men? What is your ethnic preference? White? Black? You have to make a decision to avoid any confusion before looking for true love.

After you've done both of these steps, the next step is to open your mind to as many possibilities as possible when it comes to transgender dating. Love usually comes when you least expect it and you may fall in love with someone you never thought of being with. Don't limit your choices to a certain group of people, because that's probably why you haven't found the right one.

Step four, you should try some unconventional dating methods. Online dating is a very effective way. With the emergence of various websites catering to transgender people and their needs, ts dating has become very easy. These trans dating sites also provide transgender people with a platform where they can express their thoughts, spread love and peace.

Another important step to finding true love is always being honest with your partner. In the early stages of your relationship, you should let that person know your gender in order to avoid any awkward or unfortunate situations. It's likely to bring you closer to your potential partner and make them even more aware of your transition in the larger community, which also plays a role inpromoting acceptance of the LGBT community to some extent.

Last but not least, be yourself. There's no point in acting to impress someone. Your true love should fall in love with the real you, not the character you created. Remember that love is not about relationships. Your family and friends can also give you healthy love. There are some things in life that cannot be rushed or forced. What is meant to happen, will happen.

Nervous before your first Transsexual date, here are the best tips

Going out on your first transgender dating and you are bit nervous. Don’t worry; it happens especially when you are dating a transsexual woman and not a cis woman. It’s your first date and you don’t know how to proceed your dating? What to talk? What you wear? There are many things that simultaneously strike in your mind but obviously you have no idea or answer to any of these questions that strikes again and again and makes you more nervous.

Here is the answer for all your queries. Read this article carefully and you can get the answer yourself. It’s all depending on you how you are taking this opportunity. It’s your first tranny date and you want to make a good impression of yours to your transsexual women.

Here are few tips that you definitely want to know about your shemale dating and implement these tips while going out on your first transsexual date. Here are the best tips.

What to wear while going out on your first transsexual date

you are dating a transsexual woman and it doesn’t mean that there is no need to impress your transsexual woman. Every date is important, so never take your first transsexual date lightly.

When you decide to go out on your first transsexual date, the very first question strikes on your mind is - ‘What you should wear?’ if you don’t have a good dressing sense or you are bit confused about selecting a perfect dress, it’s better to take suggestions from your friend or from someone that have an amazing dressing sense.

Where should you meet?

It’s your first date and you have to be bit wise while selecting a place. You have to remember that you are not going on regular dating, it’s a transsexual date and you have to choose a place wisely while going out for a date. Make sure that place isn’t much far from you and you are know the place quite very well. Also you need to take care that place is quite comfortable for transsexual dating and you don’t have to face any situation that you or your dating partner won’t like and you both feel embarrassed in front of others.

Avoid unnecessary texting or phone calls unless it’s urgency

While you are on your first transsexual date and spending some quality time together, it’s better to give your time to your dating partner only and pay full attention to her. Avoid any phone calls or texting in between unless it’s quite urgent.

If you regularly doing texting and phone calls in between your conversation, this may leads to think your partner that you are getting bored of her and you are not even interested what she says. This is completely giving a wrong impression of you.

These are the basic but most important things that you must implement while going out on your first transsexual date if you really want to make it a big success.

Voice Training Method for MTF Transgender Women

Many transgender people have this misconception about transition that hormones replacement therapy will change your voice. That is not exactly true. For transgender men, HRT can change voice by thickening your vocal chords. But for transgender women, it cannot do that. HRT can hardly do that. That means for trans women, the only method to change your voice is voice training. However, not all transgender women have to go through voice training, only if you do want to. It also depends on the level of your gender dysphoria. The only purpose of you doing voice training is to make your feel better. You are not doing it for anybody else or the approval of others, or it will be a source of negativity and it will not make your happier.

Voice training is a very long process. You are not going to achieve your objective voice in days or weeks. It probably will take years or so. You have to be patient about it. Nothing can achieve right away.

The most difficult thing during voice training to train your voice to be consistent. Some of shemale women may find that your voice changes every time you practice. The sound in the morning may not be the same as the sound in the night. You just have to make sure that you are training your voice to be softer and higher. The goal of every individual varies differently. But higher and softer is pretty much what they are training for. However, the fact is that your pitch is not the only thing you want to change. The more important are the tone and the speech patterns. These two are influenced by the environment where you grow up. You are raised as a boy, so your vocal characteristic will be more like your born gender. You are influenced by people around you and the way people talk in your environment.

Therefore, environment and people around you is a huge influence for your voice training. Observe the way people talk, especially women with the voices you like. Observe their differences. How they talk, sing, fight and so on. You have to know the differences first before you practice. Try to notice the aspects you like. Speak with them in your mind. Imagine how they would speak and learn it.

The voice differences between male and female are mainly pitch, tone and flow. First is pitch. The key to change your pitch is to change where your voice originates from. Usually, lower pitch starts form chest. You can feel the vibration of your voice when you speak your original voice. Change it from your chest to your head. Second, tone and flow is the way you make yourself sound to others and the way you say a sentence. It may be a little hard to understand. But you just need to observe the differences between male and female. Usually, when you listen to a male’s speech, it is harder. While for female, it is softer and gentler. This is the difference made by tone and flow. Just spend some time observing, you will get the point of it.

How to ask a trans girl out for date?

Many guys want to date trans girls, so they sign up at the trans dating sites and start to search their dating partners. It is easy to find a beautiful trans girl on trans dating sites. However, after a long time of communication, you may want to ask the girl out for a date. Dating is the first step to move on to a love relationship.

Dating and living with the right partner is so wonderful. As a trans woman, I'm very enjoy my life as a wife. Before meeting the right one, I've date many guys. I can't say they are bad, but they don't know trans women clearly. So, if you are a guy who want to ask a trans girl out for date, please follow my advice.

Find the best time

Find the best time to ask her out. When is the best time? If you ask a girl out when you first meet each othr online, you are more likely a scammer in girls' eyes. If you don't ask a girl out after several months, the girl may think you don't want to have a serious relationship with her. It sounds difficult, but if you can find the best timing, then everything seems easy. You can ask her out in some special days, like valentine's day. It is the right time to show your love. Most trans women are lonely, so if you can ask her out and show your love in a special day, you can make a good impression on her. You need to care about what she needs and wants, care about her sorrows and disappointments. Impress her

If you want to have a love relationship with a trans woman, the first step is to impress her by your sincerity and actions.

Let her know that you want to live with her, not just for hookup and fun, but for a stable love relationship, you don't want to find a trans woman to sleep with, but a soulmate to live together. Then you need to impress her by your actions. Take care of her in daily life, always ready to help her, if needed. Once she knows you are a responsible man, she would agree to date you out. If you are rejected by her, don't be discouraged. It's maybe a small test for you, just keep going.

Sincerely treat your partner

Be honest and sincere, this is the most important thing in trans dating. Tell her why you want to date her, not for hookup, but for a long-term relationship. Many trans women don't want to date men who want only date trans women for fun. However, if you want to date trans women for fun, these serious transgender dating sites are not the right place for you to find transgender women. Impress her with your sincerity, not to exaggerate your advantages. Ask a trans girl out in the right way and the right time, you are more likely to have a long-term relationship with trans girl.

Try to find your love if you are a trans woman

Transition process is hard for all transgender people, but finding a perfect life partner seems even harder. I doesn't mean transgender people cannot find their love. Everyone should be brave to find their love, the same as transgender people. As a trans woman, you should always believe that the right one is waiting for you somewhere. If you are a trans woman who are looking for true love, the first step is to learn how to love yourself. This is the basis of a healthy love relationship. You should know how to love yourself, then you can know how to love other people. Many transgender women are living under great pressures, they are not confident enough to accept and love themselves. If you are one of these trans women, it's time for you to change yourself. You should know that being confident will make you more attractive. If you want to be accepted by other people, you should accept yourself firstly.

The second step is to clear about what are you looking for. It is hard for trans women to find true love, but it doesn't mean everyone is okay for your love relationship. You are looking for your true love, a life partner, not a hookup partner, so you should have your own standard. Do you want to to date a straight, cisgender man, or a trans man? Do you like the man who is career-driven? Do you need a serious relationship or hookup? There are many problems you need to think about. You should have your own requirements on your life partner, then you can start to find your partner according to your reqirements.

Trans dating is only for trans people and open-minded people, so you should be open-minded when it comes to transgender dating. Don't always focus on a certain kinds of men, there are many different possibilities. Love comes without warning, you should always ready to receive your love. If you cannot find a dating partner in real life, you can join online trans dating sites to have a try. Online trans dating site is a dating platform for all transgender people to find their love. There are many trans people and trans admirers on trans dating sites, it is easy to find your life partner online. What's more, you can make friends with other trans people on ts dating sites.

Another important step to find your love is to be honest. I find that many people on trans dating sites use the fake information and photos. It is easy to attract other people's eyes with a wonderful photo, but if you want to build a long-term relationship you'd better don't do that. Once you are honest to your partner, he can treat you with the same honesty.

Those are some important steps that can help all trans women to find their love. Everyone should be loved and love other people. I hope every trans women can find their true love under the help of trans dating sites.