Voice Training Method for MTF Transgender Women

Many transgender people have this misconception about transition that hormones replacement therapy will change your voice. That is not exactly true. For transgender men, HRT can change voice by thickening your vocal chords. But for transgender women, it cannot do that. HRT can hardly do that. That means for trans women, the only method to change your voice is voice training. However, not all transgender women have to go through voice training, only if you do want to. It also depends on the level of your gender dysphoria. The only purpose of you doing voice training is to make your feel better. You are not doing it for anybody else or the approval of others, or it will be a source of negativity and it will not make your happier.

Voice training is a very long process. You are not going to achieve your objective voice in days or weeks. It probably will take years or so. You have to be patient about it. Nothing can achieve right away.

The most difficult thing during voice training to train your voice to be consistent. Some of shemale women may find that your voice changes every time you practice. The sound in the morning may not be the same as the sound in the night. You just have to make sure that you are training your voice to be softer and higher. The goal of every individual varies differently. But higher and softer is pretty much what they are training for. However, the fact is that your pitch is not the only thing you want to change. The more important are the tone and the speech patterns. These two are influenced by the environment where you grow up. You are raised as a boy, so your vocal characteristic will be more like your born gender. You are influenced by people around you and the way people talk in your environment.

Therefore, environment and people around you is a huge influence for your voice training. Observe the way people talk, especially women with the voices you like. Observe their differences. How they talk, sing, fight and so on. You have to know the differences first before you practice. Try to notice the aspects you like. Speak with them in your mind. Imagine how they would speak and learn it.

The voice differences between male and female are mainly pitch, tone and flow. First is pitch. The key to change your pitch is to change where your voice originates from. Usually, lower pitch starts form chest. You can feel the vibration of your voice when you speak your original voice. Change it from your chest to your head. Second, tone and flow is the way you make yourself sound to others and the way you say a sentence. It may be a little hard to understand. But you just need to observe the differences between male and female. Usually, when you listen to a male’s speech, it is harder. While for female, it is softer and gentler. This is the difference made by tone and flow. Just spend some time observing, you will get the point of it.