What are Transsexuals and Transgender? Are Transgender and Cross-dressers are same?

Transsexuals, transgender and crossdressers, these are the terms that create confusion to everyone. Many people won’t understand exactly what they are and treat them same but each term has its own usual meaning and definitely describes different community. The only thing is common between Transsexuals and transgender is word ‘Trans’ and nothing else. There are many things that you need to know before describing these terms to anyone. You must know yourself what are these terms and why they are different from one another. Here in this article, you came to know the meaning of each term with clean and clear definition, so that you can completely understand these term and can able to describe these to others also.


We can describe these terms by simple one example. Each and every human is born with one sexual identity and that is either male or female. But born with one sexual identity and later change to opposite sexual identity via surgery is known as transsexual. Transsexual is a combination of two words – Trans and sex. Trans means transform or change and here, sex isn’t related to any intercourse. Sex describes your sexual identity either male or female. Transsexual means – a person who is born with one sex either male or female and later change to its opposite sex. For example – if anyone born as a male and later change or Trans to different sex and change its identity to female sex after surgery. That’s a complete case of transsexual.

What are Transgender and why they are different from transsexual and cross-dressers – Transgender don’t change their sex or never undergo with any surgery or anything but they behave like opposite gender and also wears the cloth of opposite sex. For example, there’s a man who dresses like a woman and roam in all public areas with the same female outfits. Transgender won’t change their genitals to opposite sex. They remain the same as they are by birth but wear the outfits of different sex. Being transgender is also considered as some mental illness or anything related to mental health. Transgender are basically body of different gender and a mind of opposite sex.

Few people think that transgender are gay or lesbian but this is not quite correct. They like to date with opposite gender unlike gay and lesbian who like to date with the same gender.


First of all, cross-dressers and transgender are not same but cross-dressers behave like a transgender when they are cross-dressers.

Cross-dressers are never related to any community they can be anyone, gay, lesbian, transsexual or transgender. Cross-dressers too were the outfits of different sex like a transsexual but they do this occasionally and not on regular basis but transgender do this on regular basis, in-fact they love to wear the clothes of opposite sex all the time even in public places, grocery store or work place also. But cross-dressers do this only on special occasions like – they are playing a role in play or want to gain a new experience in their sexual life.

They are just like other cis genders when they are not playing a cross-dressers.